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A journey that started with the manufacturing of Emerald and Tanzanite, it soon grew into a customised gold jewellery house, who understood the need and desire of the people. We deliver high quality product in terms of quality, designs as well as making. The jewellery is exquisite in manufacturing and design. Therefore, our jewellery is known for its absolute elegance. The unusual stone cut, design innovation and luxurious setting extends a dramatic exuberance to the jewellery line. 

We take pride in transforming ordinary designs into extraordinary show stopping master pieces. 


 The creation of designs at Fine Colour Gems can sit comfortably in both modern as well as royal designs. Each creation is a well thought of process keeping in mind the customer’s need as well as requirement. The art of bringing a sketch to an unbelievable reality is where our expertise lie.

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Featuring only the most exceptional stones hand-selected by the F.C.G. family, our high jewellery collection harnesses the innate beauty of nature’s most beautiful creations. The selection of stones is a very crucial step for F.C.G. as we strongly believe in catering to the finest quality of jewels with no compromise when it comes to cut, colour and clarity.


Our craftsmanship has been committed to creating the most exquisite jewellery that celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of each stone. This enduring commitment guides the creation of all Fine colour Gems jewels, and the philosophy behind the artistry of every masterpiece.

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