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Emerald, Queen Cleopatra's favourite gemstone.

Rich and velvety Emerald, 4th most recognised gemstone in the world, traditionally known as ‘Panna’ is a precious gem stone since ancient times. It is a very unique gemstone of Beryl family that is said to be first found in 1500 BC in Egypt and in Zambia over 500 million years ago, since then Emeralds have long been considered as a symbol of love and hope. Nestled deep within the veins of our world, these delicate gems require great care to extract. Extremely hard to find in larger sizes, their value is significantly greater than other gemstones of a similar size.

Fine Colour Gems is the leading manufacturer and exporter of fine quality Zambian Emerald. Our expertise is in best cut single pieces, best matching pairs and layouts along with all calibrated shapes and sizes, available in all grades with regard to our exemplary quality at an international standard.



Pre-forms are traditionally known as ‘Ghaat’ in Hindi, which a craftsman makes from an irregular rough piece. A craftsman with immense precision tries to bring out the natural hidden beauty, luster and colour of this precious gemstone. We at Fine Colour Gems use Modern as well as traditional techniques to make each and every piece as pure as possible with cent percent accuracy.


The last stage of the process that brings shine and makes a piece beautiful. At Fine colour Gems, we use modern Israel techniques as well as ancient Indian Parsaan techniques to bring out most of its shine and luster. All the pieces are regularly checked on every stage to prevent flaws in it.

A miracle of nature, the fascinating emerald is admired for its deep, vibrant colours that make precious moments unforgettable.

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